In the darkness, the void, your imagination takes its first breath.

It opens up those uncommon spaces. The simplest forms of expression evoke your deep, passionate response.

In that darkness, your imagination runs wild. It is the outpouring of your soul.

You beckon others to join you using your voice, your movement, your ideas.


Maybe your call is with the wide open stage, the first movement in an intricate set of choreography, a blank music sheet, or the whirl of color on a crisp, clean canvas. For some of you, this call to those around you is loud and inspired. You know your voice and are ready to let people in to experience the wonder. For some of you, this call is timid and unsure. You still feel vulnerable, trembling at the thought of allowing others to see where your imagination takes you.

Your imagination is where your deepest desires are born. It is the starting line of your “I Have A Dream” speech and the first brush of your painted masterpiece. It is the first note of your Mozart, and the opening line to your Sundance-worthy visions.

The idea of creative greatness.

It is undefined.



Maybe even unclear.

But it is in the collective unconscious of this place that you are pushed, defined, broken, and rebuilt, able to reach out and touch the soul of another.

You see, when you find the courage to bear your soul, that’s when the real story begins. The one that breaks new ground, pushes the limits, and defies the status quo. If you embrace it, it will pour out of you freely with no choice but to change the world.

You are an uncommon mind in an all too common world, willing to seek inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. You have chosen your creative spirit, your art, to share the unbridled curiosity that is imagination.

You invoke passion and beauty.

You restore order.

You instill hope.

This is your story, and you are the storyteller.

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