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Letters to Jude : Happy 3rd Birthday!

I have been dragging my feet while trying to write this. Dragging my feet because it doesn’t seem possible that 3 years have already come and gone. Dragging my feet because a part of me is sad to know you’re older. Dragging my feet because I want these words to filled with hope and excitement […]

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A Letter To My 1 Year Old Daughter

I feel as though I am writing this letter far too quickly. 364 days have passed since I anxiously woke before the sun came up to head to the hospital with your daddy. 364 days have passed since you were yanked into this world and laid on my chest. 364 days have passed since I […]

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Letter to My Son :: Turning 2!

I will say it over and over and over probably until the day I die: how has time gone by so quickly? Today, you are turning 2. 2.  I keep repeating the number over and over in my head…sometimes I even say it out loud…but it doesn’t seem real. Even though I am to the point […]

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An Open Letter to Everly

10 weeks are all that remain of my pregnancy with you. Seems like an eternity, but I know that it will be over in the blink of an eye. But, I have a confession to make, and I figured that this was the best place to make it. I spent the first part of my pregnancy […]

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An Open Letter To My 1 Year Old Son

Dear Jude, Every parent says it, but it’s always true…the time really has gone by fast. In the blink of an eye I was holding onto you for dear life after you entered this world, and in the next you are running towards me with a smile and a laugh so infectious, it’s impossible not to […]

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An Open Letter To My Newborn Son

About two and half months after my son was born, I penned this letter to him in his baby book. I wanted him to know how much he’s loved, how much he is wanted, and how much potential he has. Now that he is almost 1, I think it’s appropriate to share this.   My […]

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