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2015 :: A Year In Review

As 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on this past year (and probably a few of the years before it). I keep trying to come up with any family/job/fun updates I’ve written in the last few years, and I’m having a little trouble coming up with anything […]

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Letter to My Son :: Turning 2!

I will say it over and over and over probably until the day I die: how has time gone by so quickly? Today, you are turning 2. 2.  I keep repeating the number over and over in my head…sometimes I even say it out loud…but it doesn’t seem real. Even though I am to the point […]

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Reality Check

It seems that since coming off the road a couple of weeks ago, life has gotten a little more chaotic…not less. With our time off, we have spent countless hours organizing, prepping, painting, sorting, and constructing on our house that still needs “just a little more” work. We have been gearing up for people in town […]

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Jude’s First Birthday Photos

I know that these are about a month overdue, but the wickedly talented duo that is Blue Vinyl Creative (Jess & Charlie Gann), took some super fun photos of our little family for Jude’s first birthday. Here are a few of our favorites! (Click on the photos to enlarge)   If you ever need amazing […]

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Jude’s Birth Story :: Part 2

After making the decision to head to the hospital, we loaded up in the car and my husband began the race to get us there, only to have our new cars’ tire blow as soon as we made it to the interstate. (It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!) We called 911 and there on […]

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Jude’s Birth Story :: Part 1

After 11 years together and 7 years of marriage, my husband and I were thrilled in January 2013 to find out that we would be expecting our first baby in October. Even though we had spent time talking about having a child and then spent time trying to have a child, there’s still no words […]

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Change Is Coming!

Our life has been filled with a ton of change in the past month or so as we say good-bye to the house we’ve had in Franklin for the last 8 years and make the jump up to East Nashville. We are ecstatic with our new location and can’t wait to start a fresh, new […]

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Jude Is Turning 1!

It’s time to break out the birthday hats and the candles because Jude turns 1 in just 8 days!! It’s so weird to sit here and reminisce about the last almost 2 years. From the day that I found out I was pregnant (and subsequently taking 4 more tests just to be sure), to all […]

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Getting Through Writer’s Block

I have a bad case of writer’s block. It all started last week when I finished writing for the week ahead of schedule (yay!), excited that I could give myself a break and really take in my surroundings, aka my family and friends. I had plans to sit down over the weekend and knock out […]

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Throwback Thursday :: 4 Generations of Norwegians

I love this photo. This was taken this past Thanksgiving in Minnesota when my dad’s side of the family got to meet a 7-week-old Jude for the first time. He was the first great-grandbaby, and let me tell you that the excitement was palpable as my grandparents walked into the lake house we were staying […]

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Don’t Take These Moments For Granted

Being a mom is one of the hardest things that I have ever done. I oftentimes don’t get in a shower for a couple days, or find myself sorting through the clothes that need to be washed in order to find a pair of jeans that are wearable. I rarely get to enjoy my coffee […]

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How Essential Oils Healed My Baby’s Eczema

:: Update :: Since originally writing this post, a few things have changed. For one, Jude is now a rambunctious 2 year old who is into everything and learning fast!  He has grown out of the majority of his eczema with flare-ups typically happening in the colder/drier seasons.  I no longer use the Purpose soap. We […]

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