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A Farm, A Family, And Fun!

Can I just start this post off with the statement that I have some ridiculously talented (and amazing all-around) friends? From photographers to musicians to yoga instructors, each one is pursuing passion and creativity to it’s fullest. One of my favorite people to showcase here in this blog is my good friend, Jess Gann, of […]

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Letter to My Son :: Turning 2!

I will say it over and over and over probably until the day I die: how has time gone by so quickly? Today, you are turning 2. 2.  I keep repeating the number over and over in my head…sometimes I even say it out loud…but it doesn’t seem real. Even though I am to the point […]

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The First 30 Days

On May 28th at 5:15pm, we heard the sharp cries of our daughter as she entered this world. With tears streaming down my face, I saw her tiny red body (she was mad y’all!) as the doctor held her up for us to see. I tried to quickly count her fingers and toes, and wanted […]

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Letters to Jude :: Thank You For Joy

The past week or so with you has been tough. It’s been tough because you haven’t felt well, it’s been tough because I’ve been distracted, it’s been tough because I sprained my ankle (which means I can barely keep up with you), it’s been tough because I have been utterly exhausted. It’s not usually like […]

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An Open Letter To My 1 Year Old Son

Dear Jude, Every parent says it, but it’s always true…the time really has gone by fast. In the blink of an eye I was holding onto you for dear life after you entered this world, and in the next you are running towards me with a smile and a laugh so infectious, it’s impossible not to […]

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Jude’s Birth Story :: Part 1

After 11 years together and 7 years of marriage, my husband and I were thrilled in January 2013 to find out that we would be expecting our first baby in October. Even though we had spent time talking about having a child and then spent time trying to have a child, there’s still no words […]

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An Open Letter To My Newborn Son

About two and half months after my son was born, I penned this letter to him in his baby book. I wanted him to know how much he’s loved, how much he is wanted, and how much potential he has. Now that he is almost 1, I think it’s appropriate to share this.   My […]

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Jude Is Turning 1!

It’s time to break out the birthday hats and the candles because Jude turns 1 in just 8 days!! It’s so weird to sit here and reminisce about the last almost 2 years. From the day that I found out I was pregnant (and subsequently taking 4 more tests just to be sure), to all […]

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