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Letters to Jude : Happy 3rd Birthday!

I have been dragging my feet while trying to write this. Dragging my feet because it doesn’t seem possible that 3 years have already come and gone. Dragging my feet because a part of me is sad to know you’re older. Dragging my feet because I want these words to filled with hope and excitement […]

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Letter to My Son :: Turning 2!

I will say it over and over and over probably until the day I die: how has time gone by so quickly? Today, you are turning 2. 2.  I keep repeating the number over and over in my head…sometimes I even say it out loud…but it doesn’t seem real. Even though I am to the point […]

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Letters to Jude :: Thank You For Joy

The past week or so with you has been tough. It’s been tough because you haven’t felt well, it’s been tough because I’ve been distracted, it’s been tough because I sprained my ankle (which means I can barely keep up with you), it’s been tough because I have been utterly exhausted. It’s not usually like […]

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Jude’s Birth Story :: Part 2

After making the decision to head to the hospital, we loaded up in the car and my husband began the race to get us there, only to have our new cars’ tire blow as soon as we made it to the interstate. (It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!) We called 911 and there on […]

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Jude Is Turning 1!

It’s time to break out the birthday hats and the candles because Jude turns 1 in just 8 days!! It’s so weird to sit here and reminisce about the last almost 2 years. From the day that I found out I was pregnant (and subsequently taking 4 more tests just to be sure), to all […]

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Taking A Moment For My Son

I sat down to write, and though I have tons of things running through my mind, I found myself completely enamored by a couple of photos that were taken of my son and I at a child’s birthday party at the park last night. I am obsessed with these photos. I am obsessed with my […]

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Don’t Take These Moments For Granted

Being a mom is one of the hardest things that I have ever done. I oftentimes don’t get in a shower for a couple days, or find myself sorting through the clothes that need to be washed in order to find a pair of jeans that are wearable. I rarely get to enjoy my coffee […]

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