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To Everly, From Jude

Jude, Everly’s 3 year old brother, saw me writing on my computer and when he found out that I was writing a letter to her for her birthday, he wanted to “write a card” too. These are his words to his sister on her second birthday. (I definitely had a few tears as he talked about how […]

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Letters to Jude : Happy 3rd Birthday!

I have been dragging my feet while trying to write this. Dragging my feet because it doesn’t seem possible that 3 years have already come and gone. Dragging my feet because a part of me is sad to know you’re older. Dragging my feet because I want these words to filled with hope and excitement […]

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A Farm, A Family, And Fun!

Can I just start this post off with the statement that I have some ridiculously talented (and amazing all-around) friends? From photographers to musicians to yoga instructors, each one is pursuing passion and creativity to it’s fullest. One of my favorite people to showcase here in this blog is my good friend, Jess Gann, of […]

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2015 :: A Year In Review

As 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on this past year (and probably a few of the years before it). I keep trying to come up with any family/job/fun updates I’ve written in the last few years, and I’m having a little trouble coming up with anything […]

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The Door of Vulnerability

I am not a fan of vulnerability. In fact, I avoid it all costs. I dislike the feeling of feeling of being in a skimpy swim suit on a beach filled with Victoria’s Secret models. I dislike the feeling of people being able to see those dark places in my soul. I dislike the feeling […]

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Letter to My Son :: Turning 2!

I will say it over and over and over probably until the day I die: how has time gone by so quickly? Today, you are turning 2. 2.  I keep repeating the number over and over in my head…sometimes I even say it out loud…but it doesn’t seem real. Even though I am to the point […]

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The First 30 Days

On May 28th at 5:15pm, we heard the sharp cries of our daughter as she entered this world. With tears streaming down my face, I saw her tiny red body (she was mad y’all!) as the doctor held her up for us to see. I tried to quickly count her fingers and toes, and wanted […]

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A Letter to My Newborn Daughter

I had no idea.  I had no idea before you were born that I would have space in my heart to love you as much as I love your brother. I had no idea that when I saw you for the first time that I would be so utterly overwhelmed by how amazing you are. […]

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Happy Father’s Day

I figured that it was entirely appropriate to jump back into the blogosphere after having a baby to talk about Father’s Day and the special fathers in my life. Let’s start with my own dad. I love my dad. Anyone who knows my dad knows that he is quiet, bookish, smart, and filled with a […]

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Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage To My Love

May 14th, 2005.  I am standing in the back of a small chapel in Chattanooga, TN, getting ready to see my love for the first time on our wedding day. As the photographer tells him to turn around, I can hear his sharp intake of breath and see the smile jump to his face as he sees […]

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Recognizing Your Heart In Your Words

I have written on more than one occasion recently about how chaotic, frustrating, and discouraged I’ve been in the past months. I have talked about how I’ve sat down to sort out the mess in my head only to find myself deleting dozens of half-written posts. I could never seem to finish anything, getting sidetracked […]

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Reality Check

It seems that since coming off the road a couple of weeks ago, life has gotten a little more chaotic…not less. With our time off, we have spent countless hours organizing, prepping, painting, sorting, and constructing on our house that still needs “just a little more” work. We have been gearing up for people in town […]

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And Her Name Shall Be

Choosing names for your children can be a daunting task. We want names that have sentimental meaning, carry on legacies, and are unique from our friends and family. We compile lists, make sure that said child’s initials don’t spell out something offensive, and scour the thousands of available name websites online. Like I said…it can […]

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Surprise! We’re Having A…

We found out some amazing news on January 7th, but thanks to a few rounds of the flu in our house, we were a little behind in breaking the news on the gender of Baby Harris #2. In case you missed the announcement we made yesterday, here is the video from my Instagram! (@katemharris) A […]

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Jude’s First Birthday Photos

I know that these are about a month overdue, but the wickedly talented duo that is Blue Vinyl Creative (Jess & Charlie Gann), took some super fun photos of our little family for Jude’s first birthday. Here are a few of our favorites! (Click on the photos to enlarge)   If you ever need amazing […]

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Jude’s Birth Story :: Part 2

After making the decision to head to the hospital, we loaded up in the car and my husband began the race to get us there, only to have our new cars’ tire blow as soon as we made it to the interstate. (It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!) We called 911 and there on […]

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Jude Is Turning 1!

It’s time to break out the birthday hats and the candles because Jude turns 1 in just 8 days!! It’s so weird to sit here and reminisce about the last almost 2 years. From the day that I found out I was pregnant (and subsequently taking 4 more tests just to be sure), to all […]

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Getting Through Writer’s Block

I have a bad case of writer’s block. It all started last week when I finished writing for the week ahead of schedule (yay!), excited that I could give myself a break and really take in my surroundings, aka my family and friends. I had plans to sit down over the weekend and knock out […]

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An Open Letter To My Husband

I cried before you left today. Then I ugly cried after you left. It’s because I miss you. I took for granted the almost 10 years that we spent together, day in and day out, on the road. We were together all the time, and I never once thought to myself, “This could end someday.” It’s […]

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10 More Ways To Know You Married A Magician

Apparently there are more magicians’ wives and girlfriends out there than I realized who understood exactly what I was talking about! (If you missed the first post, read it!) They weighed-in with their own ways to spot a magician, and some of them I found hilarious!  So, in the spirit of sparkle vests and rabbits […]

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