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A Baby Shower Story

Y’all. I’m about to be an aunt for the first time, and I can hardly contain myself. {{Insert small break where I freak out from excitement}} About 25ish weeks ago, my sweet sister-in-law, Heylee, made the announcement that she was pregnant for the first time. I’m pretty sure that I jumped up and down and […]

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2015 :: A Year In Review

As 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on this past year (and probably a few of the years before it). I keep trying to come up with any family/job/fun updates I’ve written in the last few years, and I’m having a little trouble coming up with anything […]

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The First 30 Days

On May 28th at 5:15pm, we heard the sharp cries of our daughter as she entered this world. With tears streaming down my face, I saw her tiny red body (she was mad y’all!) as the doctor held her up for us to see. I tried to quickly count her fingers and toes, and wanted […]

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Reality Check

It seems that since coming off the road a couple of weeks ago, life has gotten a little more chaotic…not less. With our time off, we have spent countless hours organizing, prepping, painting, sorting, and constructing on our house that still needs “just a little more” work. We have been gearing up for people in town […]

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Yes, We Jumped The Gun.

For those of you that heard that we are expecting our second baby sometime in May, you may have also heard that I am only 7-8 weeks along. (I have my first ultrasound on the 16th to confirm the date)  Upon hearing that, some of you may think, “Wow, you jumped the gun on telling […]

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