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Community. I Dare You.

I was up front in letting you guys know that I was processing my trip to Israel a little slower than I had anticipated. There was something deeper happening than just a rad trip with amazing people to a place that most only dream of seeing in person. And that something deeper is starting to […]

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Hashtag :: That Is Brave.

Remember when I told you about my amazing friend, Annie Downs? She wrote the book, “Let’s All Be Brave”, and it has sparked a movement. Recently, Annie started a campaign to capture stories of people being brave. (See her post here.) She asked people to tweet, Facebook, and blog about the ways people have been […]

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The other day, my husband was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by his friends Robby Lewis and Candace Cameron Bure. Check out his video to see why I was nominated. So in the spirit of giving, good fun, and cold water, I accepted this challenge, gladly, this morning! I nominate, Amy Handegard, Kelly […]

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Let’s All Be Brave

Ever wonder what it would be like to live life with everything that you have? Take a second and ask yourself what that would look like? Would you take risks? Would you try new things? Would you be more brave? My friend, Annie recently published a book called “Let’s All Be Brave”,  and I’m not gonna lie…I. Can’t. […]

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