I have been dragging my feet while trying to write this. Dragging my feet because it doesn’t seem possible that 3 years have already come and gone. Dragging my feet because a part of me is sad to know you’re older. Dragging my feet because I want these words to filled with hope and excitement as we celebrate you.

Watching you grow up is amazing, yes, but it’s also so very hard. I want to capture each day at the park. I want to capture each giggle, kiss, and extended hug. I want to dance and sing silly songs with you just a little longer. I want to sweep you up in my arms and never let you go. Yet, at the end of the day after I put you to bed, I second guess myself. I begin to wonder if I did a good enough job because the struggle of growing up got in the way. I want to be the best mom I am capable of…which is difficult when so many times I don’t feel capable.

To be clear, I adore being your mom. Nothing has given me more clarity or excitement in this life. You bring out the best things in me and push me to be better at life.

You are my greatest accomplishment.

We only get one shot at raising you two, so I can’t half-ass this in any way. Even when I’m bleary-eyed from lack of sleep and I just can’t listen to whining for one…more…second. I have to stand in the gap and step into my role, loving you from the deepest places in me and lighting your path.

That being said, Happy 3rd Birthday! As you turn three, I am amazed at just how different three is from two. No longer are you in diapers, you are articulate and brilliant, you are learning that you have a will and that you can use it for good or bad, you are strong and brave, and you love with such a fierceness. Your dad and I completely adore you, and there are so many other people out there that can’t get enough of you either.

Your daily dose of the “The Jude the Dude Show” continues to make us laugh. Your creativity is contagious and we watch your little sister mimic your every move and want to join in the fun. Remember that she is alway watching you.

The other day as we drove home from Florida, your dad and I listened while you sat in your car seat and started to teach Everly. You would say a word, ask her to say it, then tell her “Good job Sissy!”. You did this for about 20-30 min, rattling off all the words that you thought were relevant , and we just couldn’t help but smile and laugh, our hearts bursting with love for you. That kind of teaching heart is becoming a rare commodity in this world, so don’t ever lose it.

I am so excited for this coming year with you! There are so many new adventures that your dad and I are planning for you, and I know that there will be so much that you will find and create on your own. That being said, here is my advice for you as you walk through 3 towards 4.

Run harder and faster.

Stay wild. 

Brush your teeth.

Protect those around you. 

Keep learning and teaching. 

Eat ice cream. 


Give more hugs. 

Imagine bigger. 

Don’t be afraid. 

Never say “I can’t”. 

Don’t push Sissy. 

Love wider. 

Dream. Dream. Dream. 

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays my love. Continue to be you and we can’t wait to see what this next your brings!


{{Cover Photo by Jessica Gann at Blue Vinyl Photography}}

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