Remember when I told you about my amazing friend, Annie Downs? She wrote the book, “Let’s All Be Brave”, and it has sparked a movement.

Recently, Annie started a campaign to capture stories of people being brave. (See her post here.) She asked people to tweet, Facebook, and blog about the ways people have been brave, then hashtag (looks like # for those in the dark) #thatisbrave.



So simple.

When have you seen bravery?

When was the last time you were brave?

If you have seen bravery, did it make something rise up inside of you and inspire you?

When I read Annie’s book, I had just taken the plunge to start this blog. Even though I had been writing for other people for some time, this was me on the page. My stories, my loves, my feelings, my life, all out there for the world to see. No doubt that I was (and still am on some level) intimidated by this kind of naked honesty. But she talked about taking the steps toward what gave us life and drove our souls. She talked about taking the leap of faith and pursuing what we love, despite the fear.

Bottom line? Annie helped me be brave.

I have found a voice deep inside myself that has risen up and wants to be heard. I write with less concern about what people think, and instead embrace my transparency. It leaves me feeling fulfilled and wanting to search the deepest places in my soul to find a sort of provocative vulnerability. It has helped me see me in a totally different way.

So here’s the deal, this is how I’ve been brave, and now it’s your turn.

Take a deep breath.

Shake out your hands.

Throw up if you need to.

And get ready to take that step towards a life lived fully.

If you see bravery, or you are brave yourself, tweet about it. Facebook about it. Blog about it. And make sure to hashtag it : #ThatIsBrave

You can do it…I believe in you.

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