Okay here’s the deal…

I know that I have been pretty absent from this blog as of late. To say that I have been busy is an understatement. I have been juggling my jobs as wife and mommy to two busy kiddos right alongside running multiple businesses.


Multiple businesses. 

So I am getting ready to hustle. Learning to grab it all and get ready to squeeze in as much as I can in the short 24 hours God allotted for each day. It hasn’t been easy. It has left me exhausted and sometimes in tears, but I believe in it all and I want to see each succeed.

Over the next weeks and months, this blog will be rolling out some creative collaborations that we have been working on with some amazing small businesses. I will also be sharing more about the business ventures that I have been working hard to see come to fruition. Basically more pictures and more things for you to get excited about.

Trust me.

But in good faith, and because actions speak so much louder than words, I am going to wrap up this quick “I haven’t forgotten about you” post with a few pics of some of the amazing stuff that I have coming soon!


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