Choosing names for your children can be a daunting task. We want names that have sentimental meaning, carry on legacies, and are unique from our friends and family. We compile lists, make sure that said child’s initials don’t spell out something offensive, and scour the thousands of available name websites online. Like I said…it can be a daunting task.

For our son, finding a name for him was a far less daunting task. Jude was a name at the top of our list for a variety of reasons. We wanted a name that was simple, easy to say and spell, and had significant meaning. The name Jude means “thankful” or “blessed”, and the book of Jude from the Bible is a short letter warning us about liars and deceivers that will try to steer us away from God. Considering that my husband has devoted his life to exposing liars and those who peddle them, this was an obvious choice. Plus, we loved that the name means blessed, especially after praying for God to give us a child for over 2 years. Seemed only fitting. Jude’s middle name is Robert, which is not only my husband’s legal name and we wanted to keep a generational name, but the name means “entertainer”. Let’s just say that Jude has had no trouble living up to that part of his name so far! 🙂

Now we are having a baby girl, and unlike Jude we were unsure what we wanted her name to be. We had several names that we liked, but nothing that really made either of us say “this is it”. Then we started the process of figuring out what names meant and which ones we liked the most. We both agreed that we wanted a unique name, but also a Biblical name to compliment it. (Jude is the name of a book in the Bible like I said). Finally, we found a name that we both fell in love with. I cried as I said it out loud.

Everly Neriah.

That’s the first time that I’ve written it down…it feels beautiful and surreal at the same time.

The name Everly had been on our short list from the get-go. We both loved the way it sounded and that it was still simple and easy to spell. However, Everly means “meadow of boars”, so there was little by way of meaning that we liked about the name. It definitely needed something substantial to partner with it. The name Neriah my husband found. It means “lamp of God”. When I asked him why that name, he told me that he liked the idea of our daughter being a light for both her family and for her future husband and children as they stand for truth. Like I said, when I said it out loud, I cried. It was beautiful. So Everly Neriah Harris is what she will be called.

We name our children before they are born so that we can pray for them by name. It brings their existence to life in a whole new way, helping us see them as soul-filled humans even though we cannot see them or touch them yet. We ask you to join with us in prayer as we continue through the next 19 or so weeks until Everly makes her world debut. My husband and I pray for her health and safety every day….oftentimes for each individual finger and toe. (And when she’s born we will obsessively count each finger and toe over and over again. 🙂 ) She will be exactly as God designs her and we cannot wait to meet her!

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