Whew! Talk about a whirlwind weekend!

My husband and I recently had work in the Seattle, WA, area and we happened to have a little over a day and a half off with nothing to do. So, being the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of people that we are, we decided to jump in the car and head 2 hours North to Vancouver!

Neither of us had ever been, and we were not disappointed with our decision to go! The city is a quick, (and unbelievably beautiful) drive up the Washington coast. So if you are in the Seattle area, or are looking for a quick weekend getaway, Vancouver should be on your list!

We arrived in Vancouver around 5pm on a Saturday, and had booked a last-minute hotel through a travel app that is a must-have in my book: Hotel Tonight

Ladies and gentlemen, Opus Hotel

It is an amazing little hotel right in the center of all the hubbub, in a little part of Vancouver called Yaletown. Now, when you stay in hotels regularly for work, getting something with a little funk and personality is usually our go-to. This hotel did not disappoint in that department!

Their rooms are spacious and comfy, with not just your average amenities.

They had beautiful bathrooms with essential oil body/hair care.

They were right in the center of food, bars, and parks near the sea.

They had iPads preloaded showing the best Vancouver has to offer.

They had free wifi.

They had free bikes you could rent to cruise around the city.

When we go back to Vancouver, we will probably stay there again. And by probably, I mean most definitely!

We asked around where the best places were to get sushi. (When you’re near the sea, you eat seafood. It’s a rule.) The concierge at the hotel recommended a little place called Minami. The selling points? It is a foodie haven boasting the freshest seafood on the market, and she said, “It’s the kind of place where you take a picture of everything you eat because it’s so stunning.”


People, please eat here if you go to Vancouver. It was sushi insanity! We sat at the high-excitement sushi bar (lesson learned : make a reservation here), and we were in on the action! We got to watch the open kitchen hum with food being made…by all Japanese workers might I add. And the food? Ridiculous. We ate clean, fresh flavors that exploded in one bite.

Like I said, go here. It’s quite the experience.

The following morning, we checked out of our hotel and headed straight for brunch on Granville Island. This place was recommended by a friend of ours as well as by the receptionist at the hotel. (Remember when I said this place was great?) It is a small island that boasts a public market, arts and crafts, restaurants, a small hotel, and pretty much anything that could be awesome.

Plus, it was a beautiful day, so outdoors it was.

We ate brunch at Edible Canada, which was the recommendation from the hotel. They serve all local fare and Canadian dishes that will really get you excited! We had amazing local tea, fresh picked kale salad, a mushroom benny with farm eggs, and my hubby splurged with fresh fish and chips that were fried in duck fat. (Do you hear the angels singing?) Not only was the food amazing, but we sat on their patio enjoying the fresh sea air and each others’ company. A much needed respite.

We did a lot in our less than 24 hours in Vancouver, and the city is just waiting for you to join in on the fun! So, have an adventure! Head up the coast or jump on a plane (don’t forget your passport!), and visit one of the most unique cities that we have ever been in! And if you go, be sure to share about the little gems that you find!

{Photo Credit :: Harris III}

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