The weather was warm and sticky (it wanted so badly to rain) on Saturday, Everly’s birthday, but that didn’t stop us from having a house full of friends and family from all over to celebrate. We had my family in from Minnesota, my husband’s family up from Dayton, TN, and our friends from all over the Nashville area come over for a fun brunch.

Seeing all of those people loving on our daughter and bringing “it’s not your birthday but you don’t understand” gifts for Jude was completely overwhelming. I wanted to cry the good, happy tears on multiple occasions, but managed to just enjoy every moment of her special day.

So to those of you who came out and celebrated Everly, thank you. Thank you for loving on our kids and celebrating their lives. When you love them, you love us best.

I managed to throw together a tiered funfetti cake with hot pink frosting for her to dive into. As we all sang “Happy Birthday”, she just stared at us wondering what was happening. (Jude was also yelling “Have A Birthday”…saying Happy was too tough for him.) But once Jude showed her just how yummy cake was, she dove right in!

I mean come on. Who doesn’t want to do this on their birthday?!

Happy birthday Everly! We love you!!



{{Pictures by her wildly talented dad, Harris III}}

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