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You Don’t Own Me

Social media has owned me far too long. I don’t know about you, but I have been a part of social media since before Facebook. Yup…there was a “before Facebook”. But since then, our culture has exploded with apps, platforms, and new ways to be more “social” online with people everywhere. Then we were consumed […]

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The Storyteller

In the darkness, the void, your imagination takes its first breath. It opens up those uncommon spaces. The simplest forms of expression evoke your deep, passionate response. In that darkness, your imagination runs wild. It is the outpouring of your soul. You beckon others to join you using your voice, your movement, your ideas. “Come…listen…experience…” […]

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Community. I Dare You.

I was up front in letting you guys know that I was processing my trip to Israel a little slower than I had anticipated. There was something deeper happening than just a rad trip with amazing people to a place that most only dream of seeing in person. And that something deeper is starting to […]

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Israel : Part 1

I recently went on a trip to Israel, and I began writing this post early in the morning after we arrived. My intentions were to actually blog the entire trip, but quite honestly it didn’t take long for my thoughts to be completely consumed by the enchanted land that I was in. Also, the internet got a […]

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Getting Ready To Hustle

Okay here’s the deal… I know that I have been pretty absent from this blog as of late. To say that I have been busy is an understatement. I have been juggling my jobs as wife and mommy to two busy kiddos right alongside running multiple businesses. Yes. Multiple businesses.  So I am getting ready […]

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2015 :: A Year In Review

As 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on this past year (and probably a few of the years before it). I keep trying to come up with any family/job/fun updates I’ve written in the last few years, and I’m having a little trouble coming up with anything […]

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Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage To My Love

May 14th, 2005.  I am standing in the back of a small chapel in Chattanooga, TN, getting ready to see my love for the first time on our wedding day. As the photographer tells him to turn around, I can hear his sharp intake of breath and see the smile jump to his face as he sees […]

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Killing The Flu With A Bath

The Harris house started off 2015 with the flu/colds running rampant through our house. My husband brought in round one, Jude took round two, and I was the final casualty. It’s misery at its’ finest. Now, when the flu comes to town, there is pretty much nothing that you won’t try to make it go away. […]

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Introducing the “New” Blue Vinyl Creative

I have many talented photographer friends, but few stack up to the likes of the amazing husband and wife team that is Charlie and Jessica Gann of Blue Vinyl Creative.  You have seen their photos all over this blog, on my Facebook page, and even on our Christmas card! They are not only great friends, […]

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Throwback Thursday :: Seeing Dachau

This past May, my husband and I packed ourselves and Jude and headed over to Germany to do work on military bases and film for a documentary. While we were there, we had the sobering opportunity to visit Dachau Concentration Camp in Dachau, Germany. Dachau was opened in 1933 as the first Nazi concentration camp. […]

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Getting Through Writer’s Block

I have a bad case of writer’s block. It all started last week when I finished writing for the week ahead of schedule (yay!), excited that I could give myself a break and really take in my surroundings, aka my family and friends. I had plans to sit down over the weekend and knock out […]

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Throwback Thursday :: Swoon By Katie Photoshoot

When you have a friend that is one of the most amazing photographers on the West Coast, you pay her to take some photos of you when you’re in California. My friend of almost 25 years, Katie Scott, took these amazing shots of me while I was out in California a few years back. We […]

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10 Non-Music Things To Experience In Nashville

I have been in Nashville for over 9 years, and I can definitely tell you that there is so much more to Nashville than honkey tonks and country music! Not that either of those two things are bad. (I am not a country music lover…at all.) They have definitely put Nashville on the map and […]

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Experience Vancouver, BC in Under 24 Hours!

Whew! Talk about a whirlwind weekend! My husband and I recently had work in the Seattle, WA, area and we happened to have a little over a day and a half off with nothing to do. So, being the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of people that we are, we decided to jump in the car and head […]

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5 Awesome Reasons to Take a Trip to St. Louis, MO

When most people think about taking a great vacation, the first thing that comes to most minds is: beach. Rarely would you think, “Let’s go to the Midwest!” That used to be my opinion, until I realized that the Midwest actually has quite a bit to offer. One city on my shortlist, and one that should definitely be on yours: […]

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How’d she do it :: Flying with a baby

Don’t panic! It can be done! I’ve done it 16 times, with more scheduled for future trips. And no…I’m not crazy. My husband and I have jobs that require us to travel on a regular basis both regionally and internationally. It can be exhausting and stressful as an adult, so you can imagine what it’s […]

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