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Community. I Dare You.

I was up front in letting you guys know that I was processing my trip to Israel a little slower than I had anticipated. There was something deeper happening than just a rad trip with amazing people to a place that most only dream of seeing in person. And that something deeper is starting to […]

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Everly Turns 1!

Phew! The weather was warm and sticky (it wanted so badly to rain) on Saturday, Everly’s birthday, but that didn’t stop us from having a house full of friends and family from all over to celebrate. We had my family in from Minnesota, my husband’s family up from Dayton, TN, and our friends from all […]

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A Baby Shower Story

Y’all. I’m about to be an aunt for the first time, and I can hardly contain myself. {{Insert small break where I freak out from excitement}} About 25ish weeks ago, my sweet sister-in-law, Heylee, made the announcement that she was pregnant for the first time. I’m pretty sure that I jumped up and down and […]

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Best Essential Oils for Upset Stomach

Upset tummies that plague our kiddos are the worst! They strike without warning, and oftentimes our kids cannot tell us where they hurt or how, so we are left to read the signs and make an educated guess. Ahhh, parenting. 🙂 As we have introduced new foods (healthier and less processed ones for the most part) […]

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Homemade Kombucha Made Easy!

For those of you out there that love a good kombucha, but have never made it in the comfort of your own home, this is the blog post for you! To those of you who thought to yourself, “What in the world is kombucha?”, this is the blog post to find out just how awesome […]

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Showering First-Time Parents!

Spring has sprung, which also means that it’s baby shower season!  I recently had the honor of throwing a girlfriend of mine and her hubby a baby shower brunch. They and 20 of their close friends and family came to Nashville from California to Minnesota to celebrate this sweet couple and their baby girl, Emma […]

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3 Of My Favorite New Recipes

Cooking is the ultimate sensory experience. From the smell of fresh fruits and veggies, to the sound of sizzling pans, to the taste of perfectly melded flavors, I think there is nothing else I’d rather do than cook. I love walking up and down the aisles of the grocery stores and fresh markets seeing what’s […]

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I Miss Convenience

I’m completely convinced that the one thing that makes eating healthy and clean is the lack of convenience. Add in a gluten free, dairy free, or grain free diet on top of that and the pickings are less than slim. I have always known that we are a culture revolving around what is easiest, fastest, […]

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I Got Lazy.

This past week I faltered. I got lazy and gained back 2 pounds. I know it’s not a lot, but I have no reason. Just a myriad of excuses that leave me heavier than I was before. And that’s all it was…excuses. ugh. Let me preface this post by saying that I am fully aware […]

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10 Non-Music Things To Experience In Nashville

I have been in Nashville for over 9 years, and I can definitely tell you that there is so much more to Nashville than honkey tonks and country music! Not that either of those two things are bad. (I am not a country music lover…at all.) They have definitely put Nashville on the map and […]

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I Chose To Be Overweight

Well folks, I have officially completed the first month of my 120-day challenge! I am 10 pounds lighter (only 25 more to go!), constantly yanking my pants back up, and I have learned so much about myself. I know that you’ve read about some of my struggle in the last 30 days. I have learned […]

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Live Less Out Of Habit And More Out Of Intent

I was browsing Pinterest for a few hours, (there is no such thing as “a quick look” when it involves the Pinterest), and I saw this quote pop up. I stared at it. I read it a couple of times. I stared at it some more. Then it hit me. This is so true for […]

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Just in Time For Fall :: Cauliflower & Leek Soup

I’m ready for fall to be here. I love the crisp days, the sweaters, the boots, the holidays, the food. So as I do my best to will fall to get here already, I pulled out a favorite soup recipe of mine :: Cauliflower and Leek.  What’s even better is that this soup is gluten […]

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Adding Struggle To My iCal

I have completed 15 days of my 120-day challenge, and I am struggling. Every day. I went into this with all the good vibes and positive energy that I could find, determined and sure that I would find nothing but success. But 2 weeks in, and I’m only down 5 pounds. I feel deflated. I […]

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Week 1 :: The Fog Has Lifted

Being able to zip-up a previously overly-snug pair of skinny jeans is a great feeling! Despite feelings of doubt, insecurity, cravings, and heightened emotions, I have made it through the first week of my 120-day challenge! Some of you are probably thinking, “Um…it’s only been a week..”, but let me tell you, I lost 5 […]

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Experience Vancouver, BC in Under 24 Hours!

Whew! Talk about a whirlwind weekend! My husband and I recently had work in the Seattle, WA, area and we happened to have a little over a day and a half off with nothing to do. So, being the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of people that we are, we decided to jump in the car and head […]

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What Dieting Has Taught Me About Me

It’s not about the food.  There. I said it. When I made the choice to start this 120-day challenge, I knew that I would spend a lot of time learning about discipline in eating and exercise. I knew that I would work hard to follow the plan. What I didn’t know was that there would […]

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My 120-Day Weight Loss Challenge

It’s been almost 10 months since I gave birth to my son, and the time has come: That stubborn weight needs to go bye-bye! It’s time for a 120-day weight loss challenge! If I’m completely honest, I went into my first pregnancy at a higher weight than I wanted to. I knew I would gain a […]

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5 Awesome Reasons to Take a Trip to St. Louis, MO

When most people think about taking a great vacation, the first thing that comes to most minds is: beach. Rarely would you think, “Let’s go to the Midwest!” That used to be my opinion, until I realized that the Midwest actually has quite a bit to offer. One city on my shortlist, and one that should definitely be on yours: […]

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Make Restaurant Quality Basil Pesto in Less Than 15 Min!!

It is possible to make restaurant quality basil pesto, in the comfort of your own kitchen, in less than 15 minutes! Plus, it’s super healthy and full of flavor! I have tested recipes for the best basil pesto over the years, and I’ve finally found my favorite. The key to the best tasting pesto out […]

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