As 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on this past year (and probably a few of the years before it). I keep trying to come up with any family/job/fun updates I’ve written in the last few years, and I’m having a little trouble coming up with anything recent…or ever for that matter. Because I haven’t done a very good job of keeping everyone informed, I figured now is as good a time as any!


It has been yet another busy year for my husband! After moving out of our home of 8 years in Franklin, he began to spend all of his free days (and nights) working hard to gut and renovate the house we bought in East Nashville last summer. His hard-work paid off when we moved in to our amazing home in March. I am so proud of all the work that he did to provide such an amazing place for us to raise our family and rest our weary bodies. It is so much more than he and I ever dreamed and we look forward to many years here raising our growing family.

On top of that renovation, he launched a new personal brand (check out this YouTube video and new website), performed over 150 shows, toured Europe, Thailand, and Egypt, logged over 150,000 air miles, and took over a creative conference that will be taking place in Nashville next fall. All of this while rehabbing a house and helping me care for our two littles. If you need him between now and the New Year, he will be sleeping… 😉

Next year shows no signs of slowing down for him as he continues to grow and expand both his brand and his reach. I am so excited for some of the projects that will be coming out in 2016! Again, I am so proud of him and everything that he has accomplished. His tenacity and drive inspire me every single day.


Oh toddlerhood…

Jude has spent the better part of this year stepping into a very important role: big brother. He has been loving, caring, and entertaining for his new little sister and we couldn’t be more proud of the brother and friend that he is for her. Despite being 2 now, and every inch of toddler, he continues to be smart, energetic, hilarious, and filled to the brim with energy! He loves to inform us about all of the things he sees and experiences over his days, and he does it with no shortage of personality.

We put him in a 2-day-a-week Mother’s Day Out program this year to give me a break and to give him an opportunity to be around kids (there are 6 boys in his class) his age. He has blossomed in this class and loves to talk about all of the games he and his new friends play each time he sees them. His favorite activities are anything and everything firetruck, police car, dump truck, sailboat, airplane…basically all modes of transportation. He also loves Pixar movies! We can’t wait to see what this next year holds for him!


On May 28th, we welcomed Everly Neriah into our family. We had no idea the voids in our family that existed until she came along and filled them. She is pure joy and we love having her around!

She is about to hit 7 months, and it’s hard to believe that that much time has already gone by. She works hard to keep up with her brother…or more she works hard to keep out of the way of her brother…and is learning the ropes by watching him carefully. She is a typical 7-month-old who loves to chew on everything, crawls and scoots her way around at a pretty rapid pace, has started to pull herself up on anything she can find, and laughs all the while. We look forward to her turning one in a few short months!


In late August, we were heartbroken to lose Tucker, my chihuahua, to congestive heart failure unexpectedly. (Blog post here)

He was a part of our lives for 11 years, and we are holding on to all of the amazing memories he left us with. There will always be a place in my heart just for him and I miss him terribly. I miss his ability to fill the voids, his protection, his friendship, and his affection. No pet will ever replace him, and I look forward to seeing him on the other side someday.


Just when I thought our lives couldn’t get any more interesting, my husband gave me a spunky little golden doodle for Christmas!

He is only 7 weeks old, but he has filled our house with endless puppy energy and lots of love! Having a new pet is exciting and exhausting, but we look forward to lots of park-filled days with him once it stops raining!


Where to begin? This year has been a busy one for me! I moved, had a baby, did a little traveling, and wrote a lot! I have been working hard being a mom to Jude and Everly, and they have done a pretty good job of keeping me on my toes in the process! In my spare time, (what little of it that pops up) I have been busy writing on this blog as well as researching and writing an online pregnancy course that will launch early next year. I can’t wait for all the work to be finished so that I can show it to you! But be sure to be watching out for Bebe Steps early next year!

I’m looking forward to 2016 being just as busy and eventful! Moving to the city has given me new friends and new perspective that has stretched me in some great ways. I’m pretty sure that you’ll read about a lot of that new perspective right here in fact. 🙂

Hopefully 2015 was just as amazing and adventure-filled as ours was! We are so thankful to all of our friends and family for all of the help and encouragement over the past year. We couldn’t have done it with out you all. Just know that 2016 will include lots more game nights and dinner parties instead of painting and babysitting. 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


{{Forever thank you to Jess at Blue Vinyl Photography for more amazing photos!}} 

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