It’s been almost 10 months since I gave birth to my son, and the time has come:

That stubborn weight needs to go bye-bye!

It’s time for a 120-day weight loss challenge!

If I’m completely honest, I went into my first pregnancy at a higher weight than I wanted to. I knew I would gain a bunch (45 pounds y’all!), and I knew that it would be difficult to get it off after he was born. I just didn’t anticipate how hard it would be. I also didn’t anticipate ending 22 hours of labor with a c-section.

I have 70 pounds that I want to lose.


But my first goal will be half of that, so 35.

35 pounds in 120 days.

To get crazy results, you have to put on your big girl pants and get serious! So I am taking the next 120 days and committing to following a serious eating plan that’s paired with a serious workout plan.

I will be following the 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss (I’ve had success with it in the past).


It details what it calls the “slow-carb diet” and is easy to follow with my busy travel schedule. Even the workouts can be done in the airport! I will cut out all sugar, grains, and dairy for 6 days, and then shock my body every 7th day by eating what I want. I will be working out using HIIT-style workouts and heading back to the hot yoga studio.

One thing I’m super excited about is that I’m going to be doing this 120-day journey with my friend, Jess. She will also be doing the 4-Hour Body, but with a few tweaks for her life and needs. She has already started an amazing weight loss journey that I’ve loved following, and she is a great motivator! Both of us are moms (she has 3!) with a busy schedule, and she will be sharing her results on her own blog, Jessica Munday. So be sure to check in with both of us to follow our results!

I am aware that this whole thing could be construed as “just another weight loss thing”, and written off. But I assure you it is not. This is more than just about being thin. This is more than just about being overweight. This is about finding the balance and being truly healthy. I am barely 24 hours into this thing, and I’ve already cried. (I’m not a willy nilly cryer either.) I feel as though all of those things that food and laziness has covered up are starting their quick ascent to the surface of my heart…tears included.

I have realized in these first 24 hours that I have spent far too many years blaming everyone but myself for how I look. I have spent far too many years in self-loathing, wondering, “why me?” I have spent far too many years internalizing my raw feelings and emotions, disconnecting from everything and everyone in search of quiet inside my critical head. I wish I could say that today it stops, but it won’t. Let’s be honest.

I will still be critical of myself.

I will still hear all of the people who told me I wasn’t enough.

I will still hear all of the people who told me I couldn’t.

I will still make excuses for my choices and actions.

But today I will at least be aware. I will be aware of those voices telling me that I am not enough, and I will learn that they are not telling the truth. I will be aware that I am my own worst enemy, and I can be my best ally. I will be aware that I am loved despite it all.

This is so much more than just a weight loss challenge. This is a re-learning challenge. It will be hard, and it will be daunting, but it will be possible.

And I am ready to accept those challenges. 

  • Jessica Gast

    I’m one week into a similar quest! I also want to lose 70 lbs, but instead to prepare my body for pregnancy. I’m doing a similar carb cycle meal plan, but haven’t nailed down a fitness routine yet. Like you said, this is about being healthy, not thin. Breaking some mental habits and getting serious about facing my weaknesses.
    Thanks for sharing! I wish you the best! A very exciting time 🙂

    August 4th, 2014 10:19
    • Kate

      Awesome! And I totally know the feeling of wanting to start off pregnancy in the right way. Part of me doing this puts my body in a better position when we decide to go for baby number 2. Plus, in making myself mentally, physically and spiritually healthy prepares me to be the best mommy I can be!

      August 4th, 2014 15:24
  • Jamie AnneMarie

    Well said! I’m on a similar adventure. I’m just tired of being tired and sick of feeling like I can take care of myself properly for whatever reasons suit me at the moment.

    It’s a good feeling to finally being ok with feeling empty (stomach empty, that is!) and letting everything rise up and face it with as much grace as I can.

    August 4th, 2014 12:09

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